Master Vision for Trails

As one of the first purpose-designed and built trails for mountain biking in the region, the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails are quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best places in the nation to experience year-round single-track mountain biking adventure. And it just keeps getting better.

The three-step Master Vision of Trails has been set into motion, and with the backing of the Minnesota legislature, the Department of Natural Resources, and your tax deductible donation, the Cuyuna trail system will be year-round, international family cycling destination like none other.

By expanding our trails, we’ll be expanding our region’s economic impact from $2 million annually to $21 million annually through additional trails, additional tourism, the strengthening of our current businesses, and the recruitment of new complementary businesses to our region. Our vision is to allow this world-class outdoor recreation amenity to be a leading recruiting and retention tool, bringing the best employers and employees to our region.

Step 1

Three Days of Riding

Today, the Cuyuna trail system is 25 miles, or approximately one day of riding for the average cyclist. Expanding the scale and variety of trail offerings to extend this to upwards of 75 miles, or three days or riding without repeating a trail, will make Cuyuna a viable travel destination for the mountain bicycling community — both regionally and beyond.

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Step 2

International, Year-Round Cycling Destination

To maintain Cuyuna’s position as a mountain bicycling destination, it is vital that any trail expansion result in new and different trail experiences. Careful design and construction of select new segments, and rerouting current trails to become single-direction, will accommodate the needs of all, from beginners to advanced riders, creating a unique trail experience for the entire family.

Step 3

IMBA Gold Ride Center

The end goal in this Master Vision for Trails is to transition our IMBA Ride Center status from Silver to Gold, giving the Cuyuna trails IMBA’s stamp approval, stating we are indeed among the top mountain bike trail systems in the world. This Gold status will affirm to visitors that the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails are an international, year-round family cycling destination that should not be missed.